Twice as many people on a Nice Classic

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Saturday was the second edition of the festival “Great Classic”, the unique concept that classical music combines with fine cuisine on njam!-level. And again began the event by the audience captivated. With more than 5,500 attendees, the number of visitors of last year almost doubled. Jef Neve signed for the artistic direction. “Nice Classic”, is an initiative of Studio 100 & Provincial recreation domain De Schorre.

The Venue was Saturday for the second time, the stage for a mix of culinary delights and beautiful classical works. Through the domain were the visitors surprising musical street performers bump them in the right mood appropriating.

The program was opened by Belgian Reed Ensemble, a formation of 5 reeds specially for this festival was created. Afterwards, following the Jef Neve trio String Orchestra which is a revamped version brought of the masterpiece of Vivaldi: the 4 Seasons. In addition, the Pulse Percussion Trio, Jef Neve chamber Orchestra (with pianist Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort) and O’Brass range.
The evening was in style ended with a grand final concert with a symphonic orchestra La Passione o.l.v. Dirk Brossé.
Kobe Ilsen was the presentation of the entire festival.

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