The last time this summer ‘time for a switchke’

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In the seventh and final week of the Switch receives Adriaan Van den Hoof, the last five candidates that ‘a switchke’ want to do. The switchers of this week Arne, student of physiotherapy from Stekene, belgium; Elias, the youngest Switchkandidaat of this season from Sterrebeek; Stacey, the lawyer with a big heart for horses from Krombeke; Beth, the Ghent CLB-Psychologist and Stijn, the team leader transport at Poco Loco from Assebroek. The prize pool amounts to a daily 1000 euro. Where that home may go, you will discover every weekavond to 20.45 hours.

Arne Van Hecke (20 – Stekene, Belgium)
Arne Van Hecke (20) is studying physiotherapy and dreaming already of a career as a physiotherapist in the world of cycling. He lives with his family in Stekene, belgium and has a dog, Beau. in the Morning eat he prefers bread with Nutella. His favorite pastime is sports. His spare time he fills in with running, cycling, swimming and tennis. When he completely uitgesport is, he looks like to the cyclo-cross.

Elias Michiels (18 – Sterrebeek)
Elias Michiels is the youngest participant of this season of Switch and lives in Sterrebeek. He just graduated from high school. What he is after three months of holiday, want to go further study, he know that, not yet. What he does know is that he as soon as possible his practical exam at the driving school wants to take. In his free time, he looks at the matches from KRC Genk and is he ever happy with his friends, preferably in the youth club. Elias is also a creative talent: he plays the drums, and follows the literary arts at the academy.

Stacey Demyttenaere (29 – Krombeke)
Stacey Demyttenaere (29) works as a lawyer for family law. She is married to Christopher and has two children. It is foolish of animals, and has a half farm home. Her favorite animal is the horse. She moved specifically to Krombeke so that her darlings in her backyard could graze. Every free moment spend them to take care of and riding her horses. Secretly roars, they like the wrong music if they are in the file.

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