The Buurtpolitie-actor wins silver in Las Vegas

08f07f95cd37e280a0d5e7b60a516dd7 - The Buurtpolitie-actor wins silver in Las Vegas

He is an actor but he is also a successful fitnesmodel. Robin from The Buurtpolitie – Henny Seroeyen is his real name – has Saturday night silver medals at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS. Henny Seroeyen on Instagram 134.000 followers but on Facebook his page, but fewer than 1.4 million fans. Henny has been for many years intensively with fitness working, with success, by the way. That he silver has achieved at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Las Vegas is the result of his passion and arduous efforts. It was for Seroeyen the first time that he meets a race of this caliber participated. The silver medal gives him the Pro Status, and that means that he will be asked to meet other races for which organizers also will pay. Compare it with the entry fee of cyclists.

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