Tempers run high in Family

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A stabbed Amélie (Erika Van Tielen), a confused Véronique (Sandrine André) and a bloody knife next to her. That closing scene of the season finale was for the nearly 800,000 Family-viewers (live +7) an unexpected turn of format. What is there after the trip of the half-sisters happened? Turned a spirited discussion in a bloody stabbing? And disclaim all tracks, really in the direction of Véronique? That reveals the 28th season on Monday, August 27 start with an emotional dubbelaflevering. Who picks up directly on the events in the season finale. On Tuesday, August 28, jump Family 2 months further in time, and the episodes continue in real time.

In the startaflevering of the new season, all hell breaks only really loose for Véronique, when she awakens next to the battered body of Amélie. Completely in a panic, and nothing more reminiscent of what happened that horrible night happened, she looks for help with her brother Peter (Gunther Levi). She also takes a decision which is very risky. What are the consequences for Véronique? How does Lars (Kürt Rogiers), now he is its just his love had been declared? And how bad is Amélie coming?

Also other unresolved issues from the season finale to get an answer. The viewers come to know how Emma’s (Bab Buelens) search for the little Milou expires, after the girl silently out of her car and disappeared. And touch Emma still alive out of the water, where they to the bottom seemed to sink? Finally, there is also Stan (Kristof Verhassel). How runs the tale for him, after that he through the shot of Evy (Marianne Devriese) was carried away with the ambulance?

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