Suspected murderer Nicky Verstappen arrested

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Jos Brech, the suspect in the case, Nicky Verstappen, is held in Spain. That report Dutch media on the basis of politiebronnen. He should be in Barcelona in the cell sit.

The police had last week to let me know that from DNA research found that Brech was almost certainly behind the murder of Verstappen was. That eleven-year-old boy was 20 years ago murdered, and is considered one of the most sensational murder cases by our neighbors.

Brech had been around since the beginning of this year without a trace. The police decided are publishing data because he is also after a months-long search was found. of footage, there was no lack, because Brech often videos of his walks online placed.

The 55-year-old was in February, last seen in the Vosges, where he is a boshut. His family gave him in april as missing out on. When it was not yet known that he is the murder suspect was. It is suspected that he is there somewhere as an experienced boswandelaar hid, but eventually he turns to Spain to have fled.

According to the NOS, he could be arrested after the dissemination of the images of Brecht. A witness had him noticed in Spain. Journalist Peter R. De Vries, who spent years on the case has geboven, reports that the suspect currently in Barcelona would be locked up.

The police has not yet officially responded to the messages. There would be a Monday morning a press conference to follow.


With the arrest brings an end to the long-term research. More than 20,000 men were asked a DNA-steel to deliver. Brech did that myself, but because some of the family members that did, could the police still determine with certainty that it was his DNA that was on the body of Verstappen was found.

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