Striking luistercijfers Studio Brussel

7765d36cd2942b13bec1b7c7e35a299e - Striking luistercijfers Studio Brussel

The luistercijfers that this week have appeared, were striking for Studio Brussel. By a considerable relapse must be the transmitter MNM pass. It is the first time that that happens. “The success of MNM is a result of consistently for socially relevant radio to choose,” explains Peter Van de Veire in The Morning. “We make radio with a mission, such as the Marathonradio. But the biggest names School is also an example of this. We have not the foggiest about how to do so: the first years (MNM was launched in 2009 as the successor of Radio Donna), it was not clear where the OBSERVERS stood,” says the Veire. At Studio Brussels, they are not in a panic. “We are in the last few years very spoiled been in the field of luistercijfers,” says nethoofd Jan Van Biesen. “That was in the first place to our own qualities, but perhaps also to a lack of competition from other stations. But at a certain point you have reached the border. Trees do not stay on forever. And we have also never had the ambition to have a market share of 15 or 20 percent away.”

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