Senator McCain, at age 81, death

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WASHINGTON – U.s. senator John McCain of Arizona is Saturday at age 81, died. His office made his death known. The Republican politician, who governed firm had a criticism on president Donald Trump and the Democrats join in, voted, was for some time seriously ill. He decided Friday no more medical treatment for cancer.

,,When he died were his wife, Cindy and their family with the senator present. At the time of his death, he has the United States of America sixty years faithfully served,” the statement from Washington. His wife writes that her husband went,on the way, as he lived, under his own terms, surrounded by the people whom he loved, and the place where he most loved”.

Brain tumor

McCain had an aggressive brain tumor and he already knew that the prognosis was bad. The diagnosis was a year ago made. Earlier it was McCain, Vietnamveteraan and war hero, been treated for skin cancer. Despite the physical setback in 2017, he remained politically active and outspoken.

President Trump on Twitter the family her amazing strong. ,,My deepest condolences and respect go out to the family of senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!”, according to Trump, shortly after the death of his partijgenoot and criticaster. McCain called last press conference of Trump with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin , one of the most shameful performances by an American president ever”.

Former president Barack Obama, whom McCain in the presidential elections and lost in 2008, let you know that but few people on the trial are asked if he. ,,But we can all strive for the courage to put the general interest above that of the us. John has us on his best show what that means.”

He was a friend that I was going to miss” let George W. Bush in a statement to know. ,,John McCain was a man of deep conviction and a patriot of the highest order,” said the former president.

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