Sammy Baker in hospital after a desperate act

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Saturday night we were informed of a lot less fun news about singer Sammy Baker. We were asked to have nothing to publish, but now his daughters, self-a message to the outside world have submitted, and because the story is extraordinary proportions begins to take, we have decided to continue to publish this post.

It goes something is better with Sammy Baker, to let his daughters know. Fans of the singer were in panic after last week the message “Game over” on his facebook profile appeared. Afterwards remained in silence, and he responded no more. From good source told us that Sammy from the life wanted steps . “Fortunately it was Sammy found in time”, told one of his colleagues on our editorial staff. Sammy has been in a coma for located but since Sunday morning awake again. However, the singer is still in intensive care.
Sammy had it for a while difficult because he private had any problems. We hope that Sammy better soon and that his private problems quickly solved.

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