Nora Gharib about her turbulent liefesleven

a210c3dd43984cce804afe694c735793 - Nora Gharib about her turbulent liefesleven

Nora Gharib, who became known with Q3 search Q3, and later created a furore in the film Patser, says in Humo: they are already much experienced in her life. Nora married last year, Anson, that they are already since she was 15. The two had a difficult start. “He is of Ghanaian origin, and that was my parents problem. On my 17th, I’m pulled away. “If you can not accept that I got from this man please, I’m gone.’ Meanwhile, they find it all okay. I have guns, and eventually they understood that Anson and I really like to see. And that is the most important.”

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