Leader Afghan branch IS killed

049a5498b09f35f3de5f67342a732043 - Leader Afghan branch IS killed

KABUL – The Afghan authorities say that the head of the Islamic State in the country is killed. Abu Saad Erhabi would the lives in an attack on hideouts of the terrorist organisation in the Nangarhar province, which borders Pakistan.

The Afghan intelligence NDS reports that in addition to Erhabi also ten other members would have been killed in a military operation. There were both Afghan and foreign forces involved. They would be a large amount of weapons and ammunition from the jihadists have been destroyed. The NATO mission in the country has not yet responded.

The Afghan branch of IS since the 2015 active in the conflict-torn country. The jihadists are fighting both against the Taliban and against government forces. The American forces have previously estimated that the terrorist organisation in Afghanistan, has about 2000 fighters.

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