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Julian Hosp withdraw his Bitcoin price prediction.

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Julian Hosp withdraws his$ 50,000 in prize forecast

At the moment it is in the crypto market is very Bearish, and no one knows exactly where the bottom is. Many wonder whether to invest your money now or should wait until the market again.

Also in the crypto scene well-known Dr. Julian Hosp state-of-the beginning of the year to the prediction that the Bitcoin will crack the end of the year, a$ 50,000 Dollar brand, is withdrawing its forecast. He says in a YouTube Video the Security tokens come fast enough, and the ETF “looks at the moment not so good”. It is the euphoria in the market is missing.
The Bitcoin will stand at the end of the year, probably better than now but not more than a 2 or 3x. In another YouTube Video, he addresses the questions of Youtubers,
and revised again his$ 50,000 to prognosis and the likelihood of says dropped, that the Bitcoin is cracking the 50,000$ mark. For the future, but very Optimistic.

The crypto market is currently relatively stable, with a market capitalization of
210 billion US$ (24.08.2018). This is the mid-November of last year.

It remains to be seen how the market developed and what are the UPS and Downs we get this year.

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