John McCain: war hero and rebel

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Us senator John McCain refused to the leash to walk as the views of his party, contradicting its values. He was an outspoken critic of president Trump. Yesterday he lost the battle against cancer.

It was already a while ago since senator John McCain is still in Washington. But his voice as a critic of Donald Trump sounded still as loud. This summer he took the president to focus on the …

It was already a while ago since senator John McCain is still in Washington. But his voice as a critic of Donald Trump sounded still as loud. This summer he took the president to focus on the grain for his meeting with Vladimir Putin.

In may he tried with all the power the appointment of Gina Reel to the head of the intelligence service CIA to prevent. It was his last great political battle. Reel was, according to him, unsuitable for that role because they are pertinent to continued to reject torture as immoral to judge. “The methods that we use to our country to protect, should be consistent with the values that we preach”, he said. The prohibition on torture, Congress in 2005 approved and strengthened in 2015, was his greatest political success.

For McCain, as the son of a military family, was the treatment of prisoners is a deeply personal matter. Like his father and grandfather had as a young man enlisted in the Navy, where he is a pilot. When the Vietnam war broke out, he stood candidate to bombing of the north to carry out. On its 23rd flight on 26 October 1967, he was shot down and taken prisoner. During his five-year imprisonment in the infamous ‘Hanoi Hotel’ – of which three and a half without any contact with fellow prisoners – he was heavily tortured. He did heavy damage to health.

However, he refused the chance of parole that the North Vietnamese to him messengers when his father was appointed commander-in-chief of the American fleet in the Pacific Ocean. It earned him deep respect and a battery decorations. McCain is a hero – except in the eyes of president Trump and his entourage. “He is not a hero,” said Donald Trump in the summer of 2015. “He is seen as a hero because he was captured. But I love people who are not tackle.’

It was Trumps gepikeerde response to McCains reprimand because he Mexicans ‘rapists’ and ‘drug smugglers’ called. That we pick up not in a country bordering onto it Arizona, the senator said. But soon it appeared how well are voters fell for the siren song of the New York business man. McCains attitude toward Trump remained for a long time half-heartedly, but eventually he drew his support fully back when in October 2016, with an old recording surfaced in which the presidential candidate bragged about his sexual escapades.

The daughter of a bierhandelaar

The fight against the appointment of Reel, which in the aftermath of 9/11 in a Thailand prison led where waterboarding was used to get information from suspects to pry, he has lost. Most of his followers, and even a number of Democrats approved her appointment in mid-may well. Nevertheless, it is that whimsy that McCain is one of the most outstanding senators of the last few decades.

After his return from Vietnam, he divorced his wife, who, during his captivity lasting injuries, had suffered a car accident. Shortly afterwards he married the wealthy daughter of a bierhandelaar, Cindy Lou Hensley, who likes to prepare his political career to finance. That began in the House of Representatives until 1987, when he the legendary Barry Goldwater succeeded as a senator.

In 2000, McCain part of the Republican primaries for the presidency. After a dirty battle in which his opponents do not even terugschrokken to his adopted Bangladeshi daughter was the result of a slip to call it – he had, however, to take against George W. Bush. The christian conservatives, a powerful bloc within his party, did not want to know about him. The dislike was mutual. The senator described their leaders as purveyors of intolerance’.

Eight years later, McCain again candidate. This time the voters had a very different McCain. He is dong now openly to the support of the christian conservative supporters of George Bush. Former positions – for example on tax relief for the rich – were quickly pushed aside. As the ultimate encore, he chose the inexperienced, extremely right-wing Sarah Palin as his vice president.

So lost McCain his reputation of maverick, lonely rebel, which he had acquired because he is not a leaf for the mouth, and not hesitated his followers to criticize. If the over expenditure for defence, labour, abortion or the law on carrying firearms went, he agreed with the conservative Republicans. But on immigration, health care – ‘Obamacare’ – or climate change, he fell and his followers.

Not welcome

In the eighties, sick of the palsy McCain – just like the Clintons with Whitewater – involved in the scandals surrounding the banks. He was accused of political hand-and-span for a banker, but came there in the Congress, beginning with an admonition.

As a legislator, his name is also linked to the reform of the financing of election campaigns in 2002. Together with Democrat Russ Feingold, he wanted to, especially the grip of wealthy interest groups on the policy limit. McCain was one of the scarce senators who was willing to cooperate with the other party. In 2004, he considered even to be John Kerry’s running mate. After the elections of 2016 he supported the Democratic demand for an investigation into the Russian interference in the vote.

He was a ‘hawk’, that the war in Iraq fully supported and advocated a hard approach to North Korea and Iran.

When McCain in July last year announced that he was a malignant and aggressive brain tumour suffering, tweette old-president Barack Obama: ‘The cancer doesn’t know who his opponent is. Give it hell, John. At his funeral, McCain arranged in advance, will Obama and Bush speak. Trump is not welcome.

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