Jan-Jaap van der Wal is a real Belgian

f2b0b39364e07ee5a71ac34924114cb5 - Jan-Jaap van der Wal is a real Belgian

Jan-Jaap van der Wal enjoys his success in Flanders. He says this weekend in conversation with newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen that he is happy to see him in Flanders, as in the pampering. “You get in the Netherlands the most beautiful venues to perform, but more than the room and a dressing room there is not. Do you want to eat? Then you have to elsewhere to find something for. A coffee? No problem, but you may have to pay yourself. Even if you are the poet who that night is going to occur. As I have already often experienced. In Flanders embraces you right away, and it is tasty cooked. I may join in at the table for a warm meal, and one is generous with drink. And all for free. For all of you that might be very normal, but as a guest in your country, it makes me really much.”

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