Indestructible ‘loser’ John McCain

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WASHINGTON – The conservative American soldier and politician, John McCain was a war hero as a prisoner of war and a powerful politician, in spite of failed attempts, president. He came from a family of sailors, and both his father and his grandfather were admiral. He was at the end of August 1936 born in the Canal zone of the U.S. in Panama. McCain seemed a long time, also his whole life in the navy.

John McCain

After he in 1958, his training had completed, he fought as a navy pilot in the Vietnam war. He lost two times almost life and in 1967, made prisoner of war in North Vietnam. He was 5.5 years of torture and captivity, two years in solitary confinement. McCain refused in 1968 to supply the North Vietnamese free to come, as his father was commander of the American troops in the region had become. McCain demanded that all prisoners-of-war for him to get caught, also free.

He returned in 1973, back as a war hero. In 1977, he became a contact person between the navy and the Senate. With his second marriage, in 1980, a rich woman from Arizona, Cindy Lou Hensley, came McCains political career really on steam.


The marriage brought him except money also connections and a base that him and remained faithful: Arizona. McCain was in 1982 elected as a member of the House of Representatives and the beginning of 1987 he became a Republican senator in Washington on behalf of Arizona. He kept that up (-short-) his death.

The generally very conservative McCain appeared sometimes to fight non-conformist who views took that many Republicans don’t appreciate. He didn’t always lead to the ‘mainstream’ Republicans when he was talking about immigration, tax cuts, or the climate.


When he in 2008, presidential candidate and against the Democrat, Barack Obama had to record it, he chose the right-wing governor of Alaska and politically hamfisted politician Sarah Palin at his side. He was often with president Bush. To no avail. The financial crisis of that year, moreover, the Republican years under president George Bush (2001-2009) in a daylight. McCain lost libelous.

He lay there, however, it is not down. He remained an influential senator who is critical spuide on partijgenoot Donald Trump, even after the president had become. McCain was since 2014 in addition, the chairman of the powerful senate committee on armed Forces. In the summer of 2017, was with him an aggressive form of cancer in the brain was detected.

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