How to Trump the murder of Mollie Tibbetts politiseert

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The American president Donald Trump and other Republicans politicize the murder of the student Mollie Tibbetts, while family members calls to serenity.

Mollie Tibbetts, a student of psychology at the university of Iowa, was five weeks missing until her body Tuesday, stillborn was found in a cornfield, some twenty kilometers outside the town of Brooklyn.

Cristhian Bahena Rivera, a 24-year-old man from Mexico who is in the region worked on a farm, is indicted for the murder. He would be a false identity used to hide that he is illegal in the US stayed. After his arrest, he has the police to the body led.

A few hours later, Donald Trump on the news in a speech during one of his rallies. ‘It should never be allowed to happen, ” he said. “The immigration laws are really a shame.’

In the run up to the mid-term losses of november to see a lot of Republicans Mollie Tibbetts death as a political opportunity for their anti-immigratiestandpunten. So called the Republican Dan Patrick, the American media and the Democrats are complicit in the murder.

Republicans link the murder to themes with which they have the elections want to win: irregular migration, crime and safety.

In a video that Twitter put in place, said Trump: “A person has illegally entered the country from Mexico, and he has killed her. We have the wall, we have our migratiewetten change, we have to have our grenswetten change. We need Republicans work to do, because the Democrats will not do it.’

“Not about immigration’

Relatives of Mollie Tibbetts reject the politicisation of the murder. “Remember that the evil in every color,” writes her aunt Billie Jo Calderwood. “Our family is blessed to love, friendship, and support during this difficult period of friends from different countries and from all races.’

A niece of the murdered student says that Mollie would not have wanted this against migrants without papers, it is used’.

Mary Jo Seaton, a member of the parish who helped organize the vigil, said: “This is currently not about immigration, or race, or something in that nature, this is about Mollie. That is the predominant feeling.”

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