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Genk beat Waasland-Beveren despite two missed penalties

1f6db269f6650e7ff2dc327545afe827 - Genk beat Waasland-Beveren despite two missed penalties

Racing Genk has a bizarre match between Waasland-Beveren with a 3-2 win. The People seemed to be heading in a sour defeat after two penalty’s were, but in the slot beat goudhaantjes Trossard and Samatta still. The victory comes Genk together with Club Brugge in cup.

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Trainer Philippe Clement made his basiself clear that the focus of Racing Genk in the Europa League. In the ” home against Waasland-Beveren remained goudhaantjes Malinovsky, Trossard and Samatta on the bank. Started: Seck, Heynen, Paintsil and Zhegrova.

The Figures showed in the first half, however, the better. Early in the match to Joseph Paintsil a dot of a chance, but the Ghanaian kicked rather clumsy about it. After about twenty minutes got Paintsil the ball after a clever action to Edon Zhegrova. That placed the ball nicely past a grabbelende Davy Roef. Waasland-Beveren responded and tried to get to the rest to strike back, but the long shots of Denzel Jubitana were made harmless by Genks keeper Vukovic.

Two missed penalty shots

Just after peace seemed Genk booties within to have when ref Wesley Alen to the dot be for the handplay of Rafidine Abdullah. Alejandro Pozuelo kicked the penalty, however, on the pole. Also then left Genk after the match to decide and halfway through the second half was the lid on the nose. A distant flurry of Boljevic was fit for the incoming Nana Ampomah: 1-1.

The signal for Clement to his pigeons of the shed. After he previously also Samatta in the team had dropped for Gano, if now Trossard the field for Zhegrova. The first half of Trossard resulted immediately in a new penalty for the home team. This time it was Keita who hit the ball against the hand had been given. Now put Trossard behind the ball, but the Maasmechelaar decided to feeble on the legs of the deck-house.

Goudhaantjes sure yet for Genk victory

To make matters worse, continued to Waasland-Beveren on a one hundred percent complete. Ampomah popped slim the space and laid the ball bone-dry in the far corner: 1-2, the Luminus Arena in shock. Genk, however, is perhaps one of the best footballing teams in Belgium and put everything. The cut in a large final offensive like a knife through the Beverse butter. And again it was the goudhaantjes who did.

Malinovsky painted a corner kick on the crown of Samatta, who is above everyone uittorende for the 2-2. And a few minutes before time was the Genk victory, still it is a fact – albeit with the necessary luck. Trossard recupereerde a ball at the dead ball line, wanted to pretend, but saw his departed cross between the first pole and the goalkeeper Roef in goal disappear. Acid for Waasland-Beveren, fortunately for Genk, that thanks to the victory together with Club Brugge the lead.

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