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EK track in Aigle: gold for Nicky Degrendele in keirin

fac207c2b833757b54c302274cd3ad4c - EK track in Aigle: gold for Nicky Degrendele in keirin

Today is the sixth and final day of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS track cycling in the Swiss Aigle. Follow it here on the foot through our man Freddy The Spirit.

Gold for Nicky Degrendele in keirin

World champion Nicky Degrendele won the European title in the keirin. Immediately a second medal for West-Flemish, after the bronze of the sprintnummer. Twelfth medal for Belgium and therefore they do better than in 2013 in Anadia, where they have eleven medals won.

Van Den Bossche, and Wernimont perpetuating European ploegkoerstitel

Fabio Van Den Bossche and Nicolas Wernimont, last year’s European ploegkoerskampioen, torsten the role on the shoulders. Immediately after the start there was a crash of the Spaniards and the race was neutralized. The first of fourteen sputum was won by the Czechs.

In the wedstrijdbegin mixed the Belgians are not in the debates. From the third sprint, which they won, they took matters into hands. The fifth sprint was won by the Belgians. Half price, there had to be 140 laps, argued Van Den Bossche-Wernimont the standings with 18 points for Poland (15) France (13).

In the second half of the race kept the Belgians pulled the strings. Van Den Bossche, and Wernimont (43 points) renewing the title for Germany (34) and Poland (25). For Belgium immediately the eleventh medal. Van Den Bossche, previously won the european CHAMPIONSHIPS-omnium.

Round-up of day five: no medaillegewin for the Belgians

Different places were overshadowed by the heavy crash of Robbe Ghys, which was drained.

Omnium – U23 – broken collarbone for Robbe Ghys

Bad luck for Robbe Ghys in the afvalling, third issue of the omnium. The war ended before two times, third in scratch and temporonden and retained views on medals at their home race.

The war ran with the heavy fall a broken collarbone. The war is in Genk operated by the doctor Bellemans.

After the failure of the War is Bryan Boussaer a team with Jules Hesters in the madison.

• Keirin – juniors – Thibo Destatsbader fifth

Thibo Destatsbader finished third in the series and was brought to the resits referred.

In the rematch ended Thibo second after the Czech composer Jiri Luxik. It meant immediately a place for the 1/2 finals.

Also performed the West-Flemish are strong with a third place and a ticket to the final.

The Frenchman Florian Grengbo won the Pole Cezary Laczkowski and the Czech Jakub Stastny.

Destatsbader ended a creditable fifth.

• Points race – juniors – Brent Van Mulders fifth

Brent Van Mulders started well in the points race right away with puntengewin in the first of the twelve sputum.

Van Mulders won the fourth and the tenth sprint, but it was not enough for medals at their home race.

The Dutchman Yanne Dorenbos (65 points), which is less than three times rondewinst decorated, brought the for the Greek Panagotis Karatsivis (51) and the White-Rus Dzianis Mazur (47).

Van Mulders (37) finished fifth.

• Points race – women-juniors – Shari Bossuyt fourth

No fourth medaillegewin for Shari Bossuyt. Only the Ukrainian Olha Kulynych decorated rondewinst. In the slotspurt was decided about the medals.

The Irish Iara Gillespie (30 points) pulled the sheet to her. Kulynych took silver. The Polish Marta Jaskulska (24) relished Bossuyt (23) the bronze medal.

• Ploegkoers – women-juniors – Shari Bossuyt and Jade Lenaers fifth

For the first time tasted a Belgian professional league team a ploegkoers at a major championship. After a creditable resistance, was the West-Flemish duo, Lenaers is a first-year, fifth.

In function of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019 in Ghent, one could experience.

• Keirin – U23 – Ayrton Peacock off in the resits

The occurrence of Ayrton The Peacock in the keirinnummer was not long lived. Ayrton finished fourth in the series.

In the resits ended Ayrton in the same place and immediately sat the EK on it.

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