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Dutch people, Northerners and hippiekinderen on the tube

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Who Monday not early out of the feathers must be, the work of ‘the most original Dutch film director’ himself. And if you prefer a lazy afternoon, we have a (Belgian)Dutch print.

1. The Northerners

NPO2 23.25-1.10 pm

‘The most original Dutch film director of the last twenty years, ” was our reviewer of him. Also in this tragicomedy mixes Alex van Warmerdam sadness about the petty-bourgeois existence with gallows humor.

2. Children of the hippies

Canvas 22.40-23.40 hours

Murielle Scherre wants her child happy education in a commune, she says in the weekendkrant of The Standard. This Danish documentary shows the dark side of the commune: the children of the hippies of the township Christiana in Copenhagen to tell about how they suffered from their free education.

3. Winter in wartime

VTM 15-17 hours

And but complain, that hippies. And then have them not even the Second world War experienced! This Dutch-Belgian film of the same name, book of Jan Terlouw, was warmly received at home and abroad.

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