Dina Tersago as you never saw

186359d3335854c84fb01c1173cfe6b5 - Dina Tersago as you never saw

Dina Tersago is on 5 september in an episode of The Class something daring to do. The former Miss Belgium gets all of the make-up of her face. It is the first time that she as seen on tv. “A threshold where I over had,” says Dina in a local Newspaper. “I get up in the morning ongeschminkt to the school, but a class is still something else. I did not know how they would react, and at the start of the day, he had already someone said that I have puffiness under my eyes. (laughs) I sleep for the last time not so good, with two children. at Night I am always two to three times for the youngest. And it is also busy at work. But I thought it was important to get that face paint off. I’m so never been on television. I found it to be quite bad. That took the class also, by the way, those young people were very sweet.”

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