Dead in shooting at videogame tournament in Florida

f40186b9f0916bd1505c8ba8d60b77e8 - Dead in shooting at videogame tournament in Florida

In a shootout at a meeting of gamers in Florida are according to the local police multiple deaths. The reason is still unclear.

According to the local security services, there is shot in the Landing, an entertainment district in Jacksonville. It also fatalities cases, it sounds. An unknown number of people with injuries will be taken. The offender would also be killed, but it is according to the police is not yet clear whether there is also a second shooter was.

‘Stay down’

Some people keep hiding in the building. The police ask them via Twitter explicitly to remain seated until the police force them to the outside, and “please not to walk outside’. Instead they have the emergency number to call.

The police also reports that the entire environment is currently not safe, and calls on people to ‘far’ away the remain.


In one of the halls in the centre was a videogame tournament. On a livestream of the event would be the shots to hear.

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