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Crash Dash: Masternode operators want the CEO to saw

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In the well-known Dash-Forum a proposal of the Masternode operator “SavingPrivateDash is currently causing” quite a stir. According to the proposal, the CEO should not be removed because he of weakness, due to financial miss management, bad personnel decisions and the wrong marketing strategy is not only to trust in Dash, but in the entire crypto-industry. Moreover, it was not complied with in many cases, his duties and does not have Deadlines for important projects, such as Dash-Evolution.

At the core of the criticism of the Dash, CEO of Ryan Taylor, the strong delay of Dash Evolution. The project’s goal is the mass adoption of Dash by, it makes the use of the digital currency as easy and as user-friendly as PayPal. The publication of an Evolution-Wallets has already been announced for February 2018. A Roadmap with a new date, there is not, however, currently. Further points of criticism of the constantly falling rate and the irresponsible handling of the Budget. The rate should continue to fall, were, therefore, also less financial resources to Pay for Marketing projects or personnel. It had succeeded to the CEO in addition, a financial cushion to Absorb the impact of market downturns to build and there is since its establishment, hardly technological progress. In various personnel decisions, such as the setting of the CMO (Chief Marketing Offiver) Fernando Gutierrez or the Business Developers Bradley Zastrow he made, also, wrong.

Even the face of the Dash – Amanda B. Johnson – turning from

Amanda B. Johnson was once a campaign as the face of Dash in the center of the Marketing. According to the criticism of the Masternode operator, earlier the biggest Fan of Dash is not gone, today for no reason. Therefore, she was disappointed that Dash was unable to comply with a lot of promise, and one more disappointment before standing still: you have made public, Evolution is still up to 31. To give December 2018. According to the “SavingPrivateDash” an illusory hope.

But why does his criticism of such high waves? What is the influence of the operator of the master nodes on the Dash?

Be taken in the case of Dash decisions

Dash sees itself as a DAO, which stands for Decentralized Autonomous organization, i.e. a self-managed complex. This has no center of power and is not subject to control by external forces. The “government” in the case of Dash, the Masternode operators. You can submit in the Forum proposals, on the other master nodes to the vote. As a Budget ten percent of the entire mining are available to you. This uses the organization about the payment of Marketing projects, programmers or Translators.

Not much encouragement for the criticism

A proposal in the Dash Forum, is not cheap. After all, five Dash, so the equivalent of about 697 US-Dollar “SavingPrivateDash” in his criticism of the costs. The Background is a Spam protection that makes it necessary to pay for the submission of initiatives in the Dash. In this way, the Organisation wants to prevent serious initiatives, or badly thought out ideas on the Forum floods. The criticism of the Masternode operator has relatively little appeal. 92 Masternode operators agreed to his proposal, 856 voted against and 25 abstained. Although his criticism may not be entirely unjustified, it is on the rise also. Other Masternode owners argue about that from a programming point of view, almost impossible Deadlines to the point to be observed, and that the collapse of the Dash-course be also due to the overall market and not only on the decisions of the CEO.

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