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Club Brugge wins the first winner of the season

a5d3464931686e7b0d0dec3a5e5f402b - Club Brugge wins the first winner of the season

Club Brugge has a high quality topper from Anderlecht with a 2-1 win. Blue-black showed himself to be just a bit better than the Inhabitants, though should also have a bouquet of flowers to throw to the videoref. That made ten minutes before time, a penalty for Anderlecht to undo. Club Brugge takes the first place of the inhabitants of Brussels.

By the farce with the suspensions could both trainers unexpectedly to call on one of their account holders for the topper: at Club Brugge did Wesley Moraes, Hein Vanhaezebrouck put Ognjen Vranjes in the squad for Anderlecht. Still in the base when blue-black: recordaankoop Kevah Rezaei. The Team had no less than five million veil for the Iranian attacker and who should proceed immediately to deliver. Also Vanhaezebrouck took a zomertransfer out of the hat.

Under the impulse of a swirling Jan breydel stadium flew Club Brugge Anderlecht straight to the throat. It resulted immediately in a number of corners. The second was the location: Emmanuel Dennis towered over Adrien Trebel and was clever inside. There were only three minutes on the clock, or the droomstart of the reigning national champions was a fact. Club continued to push and Anderlecht saw stars: Bornauw could be a header of Rezaei just afblokken.

Musona bring Anderlecht back into the match

Due to the high game of the home team there was a lot of space for Anderlecht, and in a fast-paced start was so early and almost 1-1. Topschutter Ivan Santini, however, came just short detached the ball in goal-to-heads. Back to the other side then, where Club Brugge a counter from the booklet on the mat laid. Dennis, that is a strong match played on the right side, picked up a long ball from Wesley along perfectly. His cross was just not good enough to get to the second pole of the detached Danjuma to find.

The Inhabitants knokten are halfway through the first half in the match. Landry Dimata pulled the ball low for goal and everyone was wrong – except for Knowledge Musona, who was on the second pole alone. The Zimbabwaan could close no more miss and it was still 1-1. A quarter of an hour was the balance completely repaired again, but then snapped Antonio Milic dom in the sand on the back line against a ubiquitous Dennis. That was the purpose, and laid then not quite ideal on Rezaei. The Iranian decided on a gauge right on Anderlecht-goalkeeper Didillon.

Vanaken bring Club Brugge back on lead with beautiful inspiration

On the stroke of peace was the ‘ lead nevertheless a fact. Hans Vanaken combined with Ruud Molder in a wide-drawn-out one-two on ten meters and had a two Anderlecht defenders on the spot. The midfielder stayed cool and placed the ball neatly into the far corner: 2-1. It was the final chord of a first half on top, one that at a furious pace they played, with two teams that wanted to attack. Advertising for the Belgian football.

After rest went to the foot of the accelerator. Especially the home team tried more to check, Anderlecht got no further than a couple of half kansjes. Alexis Saelemaekers just came deficit in a dangerous cross, Ivan Santini nodded slightly apart. The Croatian was flagged for offside, but the repetition showed that there was no way it was. On the hour was a purple-and-white again. Francis Amuzu relished the ball of Benoît Poulain and was underway. From a sharp angle took aim, he just about the Bruges goal.

Penalty for Anderlecht will be reversed by the VAR

Club Brugge was after the rest have not gone beyond a few bad choices at a promising looking counter-attacks, but put halfway through the second half. Rezaei was unlocked, but saw his shot just allowed to creep in. Two minutes later it seemed the decision is still on the board when Benoît Poulain just could head it in on a new corner, but the ball crashed through the inside of the far post back into the field.

The Team expressed Anderlecht against its own goal: a bomb Poulaîn was made harmless by Didillon. The Frenchman had a few minutes later, a great rescue in the house when Vanaken was free to lay on the edge of the sixteen. Ten minutes before time it seemed as Anderlecht still with a tie away to come at the Jan breydel stadium. Amuzu stormed past Poulaîn, that the flankspeler brought down. Penalty, decided ref Bart Vertenten. But that decision was by the videoref again reversed: the error was just outside the penalty area happened, though it was even with the help of the images were difficult to see.

Club Brugge takes the lead

Had Leko intervention and newcomer Sofyan Amrabat for a strong playing Wesley to be a bit more defensive stability to build. Vanhaezebrouck attracted only in the last ten minutes all the stops, with the competitiedebuut of Zakaria Bakkali and the comeback of the long-term injured Andy Najar. The final stage was for Anderlecht, but real chances were the Inhabitants, not more.

The victory takes Club Brugge the first place Anderlecht, which at one point follows.

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