“Chinese Uber” anymore after the second murder

a842e5244de3b1709f47213a92ee9934 - "Chinese Uber" anymore after the second murder

The Chinese company Didi Chuxing apron her carpoolapp Didi Hitch on after the rape and murder of a female passenger on Friday in the port city of Wenzhou. It is already the second time that a user was killed during a ride.

The 27-year-old driver is arrested and suspicion. The company had the day before the murder, all of another female passenger with a complaint received about the relevant driver.

Didi now admits that, after that complaint is not fast enough has acted. The responsible for the app Didi Hitch is now redundant, as the chairman of the customer service.

The company was already under fire after the brutal murder of a celebrity air hostess in may. The company promised then to take the internal rules to verstrengen.

The Chinese transportminister is now demanding that Didi ‘stops to make idle promises’ and ‘finally takes measures to ensure the safety of the passengers to increase.

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