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Bitcoin-Mining-factory crypto vault: bomb threat closure?

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The Mining company crypto vault to the North of Oslo could be forced by the city administration to close until all required approvals have been obtained. Probably one of the neighbors due to the ongoing noise by the fan in a bomb threat to the operator is sent. As a result, the officials have been to the provider’s attention.

Crypto vault offers its customers both in the province of Hordaland, as well as in the small town of Honefoss in South Norway. The factory halls are used for example as a data center for web hosting. Also, crypto mined currencies, what is to beat according to the media, with up to 40 megawatts to beech. Alone in Hønefoss, approximately 9.500 Mining units require fresh air.

Fan of crypto vault to ruin residents of the summer

The Norwegian edition of the News portal “The Local” reported, feel the neighbors of the former paper factory, disturbed. Since April, the factory building in Hønefoss. After four months, the operator received a bomb threat. A neighbor said the business newspaper “Dagens Næringsliv” that the fans were constantly in use. The have his the summer literally “ruined”. Despite the extreme temperatures, the local residents due to the noise pollution were forced to close their window. Other neighbors moved their bedroom to the “relentless noise” to escape.

The bomb threat but could have a different result. According to the media, it is the people’s government of the province of the city includes the factory until all the necessary approvals. Allegedly, the municipality was reached already to the judgment that the company operates currently illegal. Crypto-vault-CEO Stig R. Myrseth, announced to “The Local” that have place at the time of the Acquisition of the site all necessary permits. He had now requested all the missing papers. The company have also invested, according to Myrseth in noise-protection systems, to suppress the noise of the fan from 60 to under 45 decibels.

Mining as loud as a sewing machine

The noise level of 60 decibels (dB) is about on par with a sewing machine, or the conversation of a group of people. Already at this volume, the human body is stimulated during sleep to stress reactions. In Germany are to be found in residential 35 dB allowed areas at night to the maximum. In mixed areas there are between 22 PM and 6 am, 10 dB more.

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