Bartel Van Riet is sick in the Philippines

cf70f6f80f38dfb78b1e73798e52eb3f - Bartel Van Riet is sick in the Philippines

On 6 september start of Bartel Van Riet with Expedition Robinson. The recordings took place in the Philippines, and to get there you had to already be a little adventurer, ” says the presenter in Gazet van Antwerpen. “First, we were a day on the plane. In Manila we had to wait for the next flight of roughly two hours. Then it was six hours on a bus, or a four hour bus ride and three hour boat. You’re a little ‘chocolat’ if you are entitled to, but the scenery made up for everything. It is like the first greasy burger after you had the flu,. That tastes so good that the misery of the sick are instant forget.”

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