Back files after Grand prix in Spa

47e9c03df428dd603988a26f07dbc7ab - Back files after Grand prix in Spa

SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS – Or the equally disastrous press as last year is not clear but in any case, there are again large files from the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. People reporting on Twitter that they are not even the parking lot can come down. Also the ANWB sees that it is again very busy.

In August last year there was on the roads around Spa after the end of the Big Price no jams. Very late in the evening were the files solved. Fans of Max Verstappen did spend hours on to just the parking lot. Also this year there will be that kind of notifications. “Three hours stuck in the car park. About 25 meters driven”, let a visitor know.

Problem is, according to the ANWB, since the circuit is not exactly a main road is. “From the parking lot you must first be a couple of kilometres before you reach the main road. Only then will it be better.” Around 20.30, there was on the road from Liège to the Netherlands, yet forty-minute delay.

The Belgian police to let them know that there beginning of the evening and indeed a lot of files were, but later dropped. Estimated 80,000 Dutch people have visited this weekend the circuit.

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