Agent shot dead in Spa, Dutchman arrested

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SPA – The Belgian police has a Dutchman arrested after the deadly shooting at the Spa. That message, press agency Belga, on the basis of sources. The authorities have made the arrest have not yet been confirmed.

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According to was the man around 09: 30 am picked up in a forest in the neighbourhood of Spa. He would be seriously injured.

In the city in the night from Saturday to Sunday, around 02: 00 a police officer shot from a car. The 38-year-old agent died from his injuries. Belgian media had previously been notified that the police were looking for a Dutch suspect, who would be hiding in a forest. Also that was not yet confirmed by the police.

According to The Newspaper, the quest is on a 36-year-old Dutchman, that would have been filmed by a security camera. According to the newspaper, go to a man called Ivo, he is 1.85 metres tall and dressed in black. That is not confirmed by the police. VRT News say also have information that one of the people involved with a Dutchman.

The authorities have, inter alia, a police helicopter used to help in the search.

The ministry of Home Affairs reports that the police responded to a report about a quarrel. Then would be shot from a vehicle. Sources had previously indicated that the shooting occurred during a traffic control.

The authorities called after the shooting still in a trauma helicopter, but the help was of no avail. Minister Jan Jambon (Home Affairs) has expressed sympathy. ,,Dramatic incident in Spa. My deepest sympathy with the relatives of the deceased policeman and to support his colleagues of the local police”, wrote the minister on Twitter.

Grand prix of Belgium

On the nearby circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is Sunday the Grand prix of Belgium was held. Max Verstappen during the Formula 1 race, supported by estimated 80,000 compatriots in the stands.

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