Agent shot dead during monitoring in Spa

77d353adf0c53fd2d3a76b681231eaa0 - Agent shot dead during monitoring in Spa

SPA – A Belgian agent in the night from Saturday on Sunday shot during a traffic control in the Belgian municipality of Spa (province of Liège). The police are looking for man power to the perpetrator or perpetrators, message, news agency Belga on the basis of sources.

The Belgian police is a manhunt began on the perpetrator(s).

The 38-year-old policeman was around 02.00 hours at night, under fire from a vehicle. There would be three people to have been. On the reason for the shooting is still nothing published. Also, it is still unclear whether one or more shots are unloaded.

The police called later a trauma helicopter, but the help was of no avail. The centre of Spa is switched off. Also, a police helicopter deployed.

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