10-year-old boy survives attack bear

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A grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park, a ten-year-old boy attacked.

The boy was hiking with his family in the U.s. park when they saw a female grizzly bear with her cub along the way.

The boy ran away when the bear from the bushes an attack began, but he was soon overtaken and against the ground.

The parents of the boy used pepper spray to get the bear away to hunt. Probably wanted the bear for her young to protect.

The boy was wounded in the wrist and also on his back he had injuries. “It had a lot worse’, let the US National Park Service know. ‘All well that the family group traveled, beerspray meehad and knew how they had to use.’

It was since 2015 ago that an attack of a bear is reported in the park.

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