Van Rompuy: ‘No-deal Brexit will the United Kingdom break-up’

0f03f1b033f40f8fbd69a7a96c062ec0 - Van Rompuy: ‘No-deal Brexit will the United Kingdom break-up’

‘A Brexit, without would agree, the EU is more united and the United Kingdom divide’ warns Herman Van Rompuy. Threatening a ‘no-deal Brexit’ is also a new form of scaremongering by the British government, says the former president of the European Council.

That the Brexit negotiations for no meter up, is now clear. The British Brexitminister Dominic Raab spoke this week in Brussels, Michel Barnier, the European chief negotiator. Both of them promised that they onderhandelingstempo drive up, but the water remains deep. This is why both parties are becoming more and more into account a “no deal” scenario planning: a separation without consent.

Everyone warns that this to chaos. And now Herman Van Rompuy, the first president of the European Council.

‘A Brexit without agreement is not only a problem for the European Union and Britain’, says Van Rompuy in an interview with the British newspaperThe Observer. ‘It is an existential threat to the unity of the United Kingdom.”


He provides that different regions, such as, for example, Scotland, to a ‘no deal’ will want to tear it. “We can arrive at a situation where the EU closer, and the United Kingdom was divided. The rhetoric regarding a no-deal Brexit is the kind of nationalist rhetoric from the past.’

The Scottish prime minister Nicola Sturgeon loves the Brexitonderhandelingen with a lot of interest in the holes. In Scotland, voted 62 percent against the Brexit in the big referendum. After Brexitminister Dominic Raab this week a package of ‘technical notes’that the country should prepare for such a no deal had been proposed, she called that scenario ‘an absolute disaster’.

Yet, according to Van Rompuy would be a separation without agreeing to new elections in the UK lead. “If there is no support for a “no deal” in the house of Commons, then you are close to new elections. And in new elections, should the withdrawal from the EU will be postponed.’

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