UNHCR requires solution for crew Diciotti

878d3e7f2f695c4a0419996c588aa1d9 - UNHCR requires solution for crew Diciotti

ROME – The UN refugee organisation wants EU countries childcare places available for some 150 rescued the people on board an Italian kustwachtschip. It also calls on the UNHCR, the Italian government the relevant migrants immediately on board.

The kustwachtschip Diciotti saved the migrants earlier this month at sea. The ship is already days in the port of Catania, where the adult passengers required on board. Italy would like other member states of the European Union the migrants record.

The High Commissioner for Refugees of the UN, Filippo Grandi, is now demanding that European countries take responsibility for the crew. He suggests in a statement that an end to the bickering between countries over “who has the least responsibility have to take for people who are saved at sea.”

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The conflict over the migrants on the Diciotti ran this week. Italy threatened, inter alia, the EU-contribution to stop if there is not soon a European solution for the crew. That shot of the European Commission in the wrong throat. “With the finger pointing and threatening does not help”, responded a spokesperson for the daily management of the EU.

The European countries clashed earlier about the question of who refugees should capture of boats on the Mediterranean Sea. The continuing disagreement is Grandi a thorn in the eye. He calls it “dangerous and immoral to the lives of refugees and asylum seekers in the game, while countries are busy with political debates about long-term solutions.”

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