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Tonight Tomorrowland on tv, but not the festival

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Terraces is not really there in on this chilly Saturday night. But on tv you can go to ‘Tomorrowland’ look. The Movie, of course.

1. Jeune et jolie

NPO2 23.45-1.10 pm

Young and beautiful: that is Isabelle. She is sixteen and callgirl. In this drama from François Ozon also does Johan Leysen, owner of the most sensual man’s voice of Flanders.

2. Disney Project T

VTM 21.00-23.35 hours

Everywhere else in the world is this entertaining scififilm with George Clooney Tomorrowland, but an eponymous dance festival in Boom with excessive decorations and just friendly people waved with the rights and put a stop to it.

3. Awakenings

VTM 23.35-1.55 pm

This classic from 1990 about a medical experiment is charming by the fine performances of Robin Williams as mensenschuwe doctor and Robert De Niro as the mysterious comapatiënt Leonard.

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