“There is something happened in that room which they have died’

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According to the local lijkschouwers are the British zestigers who unexpectedly died in a hotel in Egypt, died from the consequences of heart failure, circulation problems and respiratory distress. According to the daughter of the couple going to the is definitely a suspicious death.

John Cooper (69) and his wife Susan (63) were on vacation in Hurghada, on the Red Sea, the Steigenberger Aqua Magic hotel, when she suddenly died. Tour operator Thomas Cook slowly evacuated it as a precaution customers from the hotel, among whom were eighteen Belgians, because the tour operator to say the information received about ‘a higher number of cases of disease’ in the hotel.

According to the local governor fell, John Coopers blood pressure suddenly strong and worked his heart muscle no longer. He would have died as a result of a sudden failure of the heart muscle and shortness of breath’. His wife Susan was five hours later, unconscious to the hospital. They got another chest compressions for thirty minutes, but didn’t. The woman would have died to ‘the stop of the circulation and respiratory distress’. ‘There is nothing to suggest a suspicious death.’

According to Kelly Ormerod, the daughter of the couple who are at the same place was on vacation with her three children, her parents definitely suspect. ‘They went home Monday in good health sleep, and stood on with heavy health problems. I do not think that there is someone in their room, but there must be something happened so they were taken away.” The authorities would be the family, according to Ormerod don’t inform them and they would be the country not allowed to leave.

40 hotel guests sick?

The director of the chain that owns the hotel, Sven Hirschler, says that there is no abnormal number of sick people among the 1,600 customers of the hotel. According to him, had Cooper the day before his death, already complained about a low blood pressure and he was treated by the doctor of the hotel.

The British Janette Rawlingson (43), who on Tuesday arrived in the hotel, explained to BBC that the staff of Thomas Cook guests had been told that samples were taken in the restaurant and the swimming pool. “Other guests say that there are 40 people ill in the hotel and suffer from vomiting and diarrhea,” says Rawlingson. ‘You ask you whether there is any link with the deaths.’

Different travel agents would BBC have declared that they bad experiences with the sick in the Steigenberger Aqua Magic.

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