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The Beta Version of the “Trinity Desktop Wallet” is here!

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Trinity Wallet is now also available as Desktop Version

The IOTA Foundation today on its Blog announced that it is the Beta Version of your Trinity Wallets are now also available as a Desktop Version available

After IOTAs “Light Wallet” in the past, very often to problems (e.g. incorrect account balance to a so-called “Snapshot” or the generation of Seeds with Fake Seed generators) is likely to lead the news of the publication of the Trinity Desktop Version to be much more positive mood in the IOTA Community.

The official Trinity-Homepage ( can you the new Wallet for Mac, Linux and Windows download.

In a short Video, the Foundation presents the Trinity Desktop Wallet and its Features, and these can, to keep it short, at least at first glance, there are hardly any wishes open.
A built-in Seed-Generator, whose generated Seeds still need to be manually changed to 10, or can be, different Seed Backup functions, multi-account management, auto-Snapshot recovery, and more, to make the problems of the Light Wallet help to forget and to simplify the use of iota.

Here is the introductory Video (English language)

Attention Beta!

Particular attention should inform you prior to the Installation, however, that the Trinity Desktop Wallet nonetheless a Beta Version, and this should be treated with caution. Any Bugs or security vulnerabilities and can not yet been found and for your Coins pose a security risk. First, only small amounts of iota to the new Wallet should send to try it out.

Windows users beware!

Also, Windows should note-user will have the following note on the IOTA Blog. It says:

The Trinity Desktop Wallet for Windows is signed with the IOTA Foundation Code-Signing certificate that must have a positive reputation to go through the Windows SmartScreen Filter. Microsoft justified the reputation of an application on the basis of the number of worldwide installations of this application. As the Trinity Desktop has just been released (and, therefore, his reputation has not yet been established), the SmartScreen Filter continues to be the Wallet as a threat.

You can check the certificate manually, by clicking with the right mouse button on the application icon and “properties” will open. On the tab “Digital signatures” you will find detailed information about the signature of the “IOTA Foundation”.

Source code as Open-Source

As previously promised, the IOTA Foundation has provided the source code of the Desktop (and mobile) Version as Open Source on Github. Everyone who feels capable of it, it can now like to have a look on it and for yourself the (good?) The work of the programmers to convince.

If the Code is mostly error free and the Trinity Desktop Wallet as far as safe, it will pave the IOTA-users certainly a lot of joy.

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