Sven The Knight brings Tony Bell to the Arenberg

Sven The Knight brings Tony Bell to the Arenberg

Sven De Ridder, Brik Van Dyck and Fokke van der Meulen to bring a tribute to Tony Bell and the art of the moppentappen. Tony Bell died in 2006 at age 93. In sixty years he stood at the shelves as moppentapper, singer and actor. In many a filing cabinet is a LP of Tony Bell, and everyone knows a joke of him. This trio with drummer Fokke as a moderator and Sven and Brick as the two narrators, sketches in part one the life and work of Tony Bell, peppered with juicy anecdotes, fun clips and good jokes. Also tell them about the mop in general. After the break, be there in full mopping tapped. As if Tony himself again.

Fokke van der Meulen is the operator of comedycafé The Joker. This ingeweken Dutchman is a lover of humour in the broadest sense of the word. Bill Hicks and Richard Pryor about Freek de Jonge to… yes, Tony Bell. He coaches also different comedians during their careers.

Brik Van Dyck is besides an actor also screenwriter of numerous humorprogramma. As living moppenencyclopedie he is obviously a fan of the king of moppentappers.

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