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Songs for peace to create Ypres silent

‘The end of a war you are not allowed to celebrate because that makes such a war is justified’, so began Wim Opbrouck Peace to the World, the concertmarathon in Ypres that the finale of Gone West, the cultural commemoration of the First world War.

He had a pink booklet with the poems in order to protest against the fact that today, men are still in each other knock be that they are of men.’

Because the answer to war is love, said Opbrouck, that there is in English a passionate plea for pacifism added.

Refugees, the ” war ” of today

After a colorful run with The old Fanfare was Willem Vermandere the logical opener of the day. Vermandere has multiple songs about the ‘Great War’ and served the poetic, ‘one Thousand soldiers’ and the story of ‘La Belle Roselle’ (about Flemish refugees in France) to the history to revive. ‘Frightened Blankeman’ was then more up to date: that is the ‘war’ of today. The refugees and the fear.

The program runs until 2 a.m. Saturday night and welcomes more complete performances of Arsenal (24 hours), Gabriel Rios (1 hour) and Einsturzende Neubauten (21 hours) the German topband that his creation ‘Lament’ for the last time come to play.

And a number of guests, such as Lais and Wannes Cappelle, just songs about war and love and sing We Shall Overcome Band, led by Opbrouck itself. That kicked off the first set with a powerful version of Kurt Weill’s ‘The ballad of the soldier’s wife’. Cappelle put then Jacques Brels ‘Jaures’ penetrating to the West-Flemish dramatic style.

A special guest is Donovan. The celebrity of the sixties is the most overt reference to the generation of the sixties that, through the curator Wim Opbrouck, this vredesmanifestatie inspired. Donovan sings some songs up to 20 hours.

And also writers Tom Lanoye, Erwin Mortier will have their thoughts to add. Saskia Decoster has already done that, accompanied by an ominous soundtrack and a few stray raindrops that the public back into the horror that here, in a destroyed Ypres, a hundred years geledenheerste. But, she said, the younger brother of anger is hope. And so is that.

Peace to the World. Grote Markt Ieper takes Saturdays up to 2 hours.

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