Refugee camps in Libya are groaning with overpopulation

774459f50f3853cb439bd2fc7159fd40 - Refugee camps in Libya are groaning with overpopulation

In the Libyan internment camps for refugees is, according to the United Nations because of the terrible humanitarian situation becoming increasingly to riots and hunger strikes. The past few weeks, the situation is clearly deteriorating, warned the UN refugee organisation UNHCR on Friday.

Reason is the ever-increasing overpopulation. This is not even the most basic standard of living is achieved. The refugees demand a solution for their precarious situation, said the UNHCR.

The organization estimates that in the North African country of around 8,000 migrants in internment camps are stuck. Their increasing frustration is understandable, because they often already there months be held. Reportedly staying in a total of approximately 55,000 registered refugees in Libya.

Transit country

Libya is the main transit country for refugees, through the Mediterranean Sea in Europe want to get. Since the fall of colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi in 2011, finds the country in chaos because of civil war.

Since the beginning of the year drowned, according to the UNHCR, nearly 600 people in the Mediterranean Sea, around 100 bodies were on land salvaged. The Libyan coast guard has almost 13,000 refugees intercepted.

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