Pope: outrage over abuse visit

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DUBLIN – Pope Francis during his visit to Ireland criticised the way in which within the Roman Catholic Church has dealt with victims of sexual abuse. The religious potentate called it rightly that great indignation has arisen over the fact that “spiritual authorities have failed to adequately respond to these disgusting crimes.”

Pope Francis (archive view).

Francis said not to be able to ignore the abuse of young people by “members of the church who were responsible for their education and protection.” He talked about a “source of pain and embarrassment for the catholic community.”

The pope spent the Saturday after his arrival in the country, a visit to president Michael D. Higgins. That raised the unrest around the abuse to his guest. “President Higgins has His Holiness addressed the unprecedented suffering that is caused by the sexual abuse of children by some within the catholic church”, reports the office of Higgins.

The first papal visit to the country in 39 years is in the sign of the world meeting of families, where thousands of catholics to participate. They reflect according to the organization, “on the importance of marriage and the family as the cornerstone of our lives, the society and the church.” Recent revelations about abuse within the church to cast, however, cast a shadow over the visit.

The last pope that the predominantly roman catholic Ireland visited was John Paul II. During his visit were, among others, divorce, and birth control is still illegal. Meanwhile, Irish voters via referendums voted to legalize abortion and same-sex marriages.

Prime minister Leo Varadkar said this week told the BBC that the Roman Catholic Church used to be a “dominant place in our society.” He stated that his predecessors bishops consulted about policy issues, but that kind of use, according to Varadkar this time.

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