Pope calls for perpetrators of abuse in the church, “the debris from the toilet”

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In a meeting with Irish victims of abuse in the church has pope Francis taken out to the perpetrators. The ruling follows after a tense visit in Ireland.

The visit of the pope to Ireland, almost 40 years after John Paul II there had been, in the character of sexual violence by the religious. Earlier on Saturday, spoke to Francis for prime minister Leo Varadkar. Who said that ” the wounds have not yet healed’.

‘I can’t be next to the great scandal is to recognize that here in Ireland has taken place with the abuse of young people by members of the church who were responsible for their protection and education’, struck the pope’s mea culpa.

But some of the victims criticized the pope that he is only the Irish church leaders are mentioned and the role of the Vatican minimized it.

‘Strong conversation’

Later in the day, during a half hour meeting with eight Irish victims of sexual abuse at the embassy of the Vatican, said Francis yet clear language, witnesses that some of the victims.

Francis condemned the corruption and the doofpotcultuur and called the perpetrators ‘kaka’, say the representatives of the Survivors of Mother and Baby Homes who were there. His interpreter explained the word literally as “dirt in the toilet see”.

“It was a strong conversation. He listened with sincere interest, ” said Clodagh Malone, one of the victims, in retrospect.

The Vatican itself gave no comment on the content of the conversations. But a spokesperson gave out that he would not be surprised if the pope, that word would use.

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