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Motion is based Share&Batch Foundation

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The motion factory GmbH, a Blockchain developers in the mobility sector, based in September, the Share&Batch Foundation in Switzerland. The Essen-based company that transmits its Service Share&Batch, a block chain-based Software for simple and secure Charging of electric cars, in the newly founded Foundation. The aim of this step is the entire service as an Open-Source Software and independent of the network to decentralize and to open a wider Phalanx of partners. In addition, the global orientation of Share&Charge through the Foundation should be promoted more.

A solution to this, the Essen-based company motion work with its Service Share&Charge offers, an open, decentralized, and digital Protocol for the Charging of electric vehicles. Share&Charge is a block chain based network for charging stations and electric cars of all kinds, regardless of manufacturers or suppliers.

The Service of Share&Charge is based on the rapidly developing Blockchain technology, and promises to be a significant and noticeable improvement in the user experience, the business processes and IT security without a Central platform. To meet the global challenges and to establish Share&Charge as an independent network, founded the motion factory GmbH the Share&Charge Foundation.

“In the pilot projects, such as, for example, Oslo2Rome – a European charging network, we have learned that the Blockchain technology can be a Game Changer for the Charging of electric cars. Our global partners share our Vision to develop a global Blockchain-based Standard. Therefore, the Foundation is an independent Foundation, and the Open-Source strategy for us, the logical next step.“, so Dietrich Sümmermann, managing Director of the motion factory GmbH.

The Blockchain technology allows the direct Transfer of units of value between two parties without a Central instance. This makes use of the Share&Batch Protocol and provides a simple and user-friendly solution, with interoperability at the Store and Pay for electric vehicles is achieved.

“We are well able to progress with the development and testing of the partners in the pilot projects around the world, as we have the Blockchain technology, so that processes are more efficient and safer, and thus to the growth of electric mobility can contribute. We are planning a public test version this year and the first product for the Foundation members by the middle of next year“, explains Dietrich Sümmermann.

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