Ill migrants of Italian ship

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CATANIA – Thirteen migrants who require medical assistance, the Italian ship Diciotti Saturday may leave. For the other 137 people on board, especially Eritreeërs who want to apply for asylum, says minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini to work on a “positive solution.”

Italy refuses to the people on board the access, and the demands of other EU member states migrants take over. The ship of the Italian coast guard is since Monday in the port city of Catania on Sicily.

Italian prosecutors investigate in the meantime, or the minister and the deputy prime minister Salvini, guilty of illegally caught hold of crew. Salvini, that of the nationalist party Lega, said that he “stands ready and proud to be arrested, because I fight to the Italian border to defend.”

Although there is still not a solution, ordered the maritime health authorities on Saturday that a group of seafarers with health problems immediately brought to shore had to be. It comes to seven women and six men. Three of them have tuberculosis, two with pneumonia, reported Italian media.

On the ship is much to do since it is a group of some 190 migrants from the sea and saved. Forty of them, among whom are minors, have already been brought ashore, but the others were on the order of the government on board.

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