Forest fire in Germany, is not yet under control

46d1813b16b3cc8deada75cbabee191f - Forest fire in Germany, is not yet under control

TREUENBRIETZEN – The large forest fire in the southwest of the German state of Brandenburg is still not under control. Hundreds of firefighters are also Saturday morning was busy with bluswerkzaamheden. The inhabitants of the evacuated villages Klausdorf and Tiefenbrunnen may not yet home.

The firemen fight three fires in the area in the municipality of Treuenbrietzen, a few dozen kilometres from Berlin. The bluswerkzaamheden be complicated by the presence of unexploded ordnance from the Second world War. That was especially in the last days of the conflict were buried or fired in the wooded area to avoid the in allied hands would fall off.

Firefighters have Friday already made progress in combating the fire, which on Thursday broke out. A third evacuated village, Frohnsdorf, he could then be released.

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