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First win for Kortrijk, bad start for Charleroi

a538b42d92c2036e27a99f80775ba23b - First win for Kortrijk, bad start for Charleroi

KV Kortrijk has a handsome uitzege booked on the field of Charleroi. The new striker Felipe Avenatti scored in his debut, in the slot doubled Ilombe Mboyo the score: 0-2. A deserved first victory of the season for Kortrijk, in the state in about Charleroi jumps.

At KV Kortrijk introduced to De Boeck, three changes by: Chevalier got was a basic place, which is surprisingly on the bench, sat down. Azouni got the preference, in Kanu to the suspended Rolland to replace. But the most striking change was that newcomer Avenatti already in the base was, five days after Monday he arrived in Kortrijk. Charleroi was due to the departure of Rezaei to Club Brugge attacking beheaded, allowing Perbet first started.

For both teams were three points desperately need to get out of the pit, to climb the standings, as both Charleroi and Kortrijk lost all three times. It was Charleroi that it is best understood. Already in the first minute drew the Karolo’s. Benavente with a rush towards Perbet, but Lepoint was at the start of the lesson and was able to through the leg of Perbet her. Also then had Charleroi the predominance, but in the ninth minute, poked Kortrijk against. Hines-Ike-operated newcomer Avenatti with a fine cross and guard Martos could not prevent the long Uruguayan mercenary of Bologna in the first post staalhard past Riou said. Avenatti had only nine minutes for his first goal in the Belgian league, a possible format. Also later showed the Uruguayan that he has a good form. He proved to be a stable aanspeelpunt that is not afraid to feel far defensive pressure. A moment later, he tried his goal, but then Riou pal.

Charleroi battle, and the Karolo’s still had ten minutes again to threaten. Benavente went over to the left side over Kagelmacher and Lepoint could only be in an ultimate attempt rescue. Through Fall, Gholizadeh and Perbet there were a few kansjes, but Charleroi was not enough in his game to Kortrijk to really threaten in the first half. Glen De Boeck left his troops in the field, small and Charleroi found for the rest no solution.

Adult game

In the second half the same image. Charleroi bite his teeth on a Kortrijk, which is well-drafted. The Henegouwers had more possession, but the threat was oh so difficult. KV Kortrijk checked good, with Azouni that many balls recupereerde and so his chance of fingering. On the hour failed Mboyo the lead to double. Hines-Ike operated the former international with a measured cross, Mboyo put his male Marinos easily in the wind, and then he from three metres head-long over lap.

Then kabbelde the competition continues. Kortrijk played adult the contest, while Charleroi is really not in his game. It had to be satisfied with what waterkansjes. In the slotminuut was the only sunken Ezekiel by on the right wing and brought the ball, and Riou incomprehensible the ball under his left doorglippen to Mboyo who this time was calm for open purpose within worked. Outside the fiery start could be the Karolo’s Kortrijk barely threaten. Mazzu will what oplapwerk have, because with four defeats from five matches gain the trust of a knak. Kortrijk seems left to continue to grow in his game.

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