Family-actor naked for James Cooke

Family-actor naked for James Cooke

Jo Hens has been playing for ten years, Niko in the Family and he gets his girlfriend Molly often told that they “still but chance with such a sexy friend”, and soon we will get the actor fully nude! Jo Hens we saw with bare-chested in The Large Leap and also in his own webseries of Family “Niko on the flight,” we saw him with bare torso, but this time he goes completely naked. At the request of James Cooke!

James Cooke goes out with his company, with the Exception of the popular piece “Ladies Night” new life and in that play based on the popular British film “The Fully Monty” is stripped down that it is a dear delight. When James Cooke, Jo Hens asked him for a role in “Ladies Night,” the Family actor, by the way, with a witty touch: “Is ’t for you privately or for in the theatre?” Jo Hens will not in fact be the only “all the way” in the new production of Ladies Night.

Ladies Night was a few years ago in Flanders, charged with, inter alia, Carry Goossens and Peter Bulckaen in the cast, but then it was still a tiny tangaslipje used to zediger to keep. In this version, the five actors fully naked… Next to Jo Hens will also Chris Van Espen, Ivan Pecnik, Bart Van Avermaet and Sergey Lopouchanski strip in the piece of James Cooke. Jo Hands, he realizes that he not only for his acting talent was asked…

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