‘Brech by Polish scouts after departure from the Netherlands’

5d798d5955d48c747f32827c46422a5c - ‘Brech by Polish scouts after departure from the Netherlands’

Jos Brech, who is suspected of involvement in the death of the Dutch boy Nicky Verstappen (11), after his forced departure at the Dutch scouting in Poland in girl scouts connected. That writes the Dutch daily newspaper AD.

Jos Brech was in the scouts in the province of Limburg to leave after they were aware brought about his zedenverleden. In Poland, there was nothing about conscience, and there went Brech the last years and frequently and plenty of among the children. That should be evident from the information that the AD outdated.

Friday would at the Polish scouting urgent consultations. Brech would be there signing up right after in the Netherlands, he is no longer in scouting active. As a foreign ranger, he took part in camps and gatherings.

Brech has, according to the AD itself also in the online message about his stay in Poland. ‘Next week I’m sitting with 150 children in the forest. And that is six weeks long.”

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