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As evidence by the Blockchain – the United Kingdom as a pioneer

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A Commission of inquiry of the United Kingdom is currently researching the possibilities to use Distributed Ledger technologies for the preservation of evidence. Thus, it is hoped that the acceleration and simplification of the internal processes. And reminds subtly in mind that there are Use Cases outside of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin.

While the view of the Blockchain – and especially the Bitcoin Community time full of worry, time to be optimistic on the Bitcoin-to course, and the back and forth of the SEC decisions to the Bitcoin ETF, you lose often the technology behind the crypto-currency from the eyes.

But not in the United Kingdom: Here, the government has trained a special Department that deals with the topic of “evidence, by the Distributed Ledger technologies”. The advantages are obvious. By the way, things fixed on a Distributed Ledger, to define, easier to manage technical operations much.

Cooperation of the Ministry of justice, with HMTCS

The HM Courts & Tribunal Services – in short, HMTCS and the Ministry of justice of the United king Kingdom currently, in order to optimize the processes of evidence, identity management and information sovereignty of the citizens. The so-called Open Innovation Team can now have, in collaboration with Dr. Sadek Ferdous from the Imperial College, first progress. Currently, a DLT solution for tracking and tracing of bookings is tracking, therefore, progressed with the it is possible, “a chronological list of system activity”. The traceability of digital evidence.

In the future, wants to focus the Team, especially in Estonia, which has already made great progress in the area of identity management with the Blockchain. Furthermore, the government organization wants to Supplement your System with Artificial intelligence. In addition, the initiators hope to progress in the crime research.

In the United Kingdom has in the past extensively with the possibilities of the Blockchain technology and Distributed Ledger technologies. So, there are already approaches to check the quality of beef with the help of a Blockchain solution. Also in the area of the Supply Chain, there were recently attempts to pull the Blockchain technology to Rate.

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