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Antwerp knokt to second place

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An early red card for Omar Govea, Antwerp not of the victory can hold against Cercle Brugge. William Owusu scored just after the break the only goal of the match. Deurne-Noord is at eleven fifteen and should certainly with the arrival of Dieumerci Mbokani gradually higher and higher bets.

Antwerp, the seventh in the standings with eight points from four matches, received a Cercle, sixth with as many points from as many matches, but with only one aim: for the first time this season to win in his own home. For all of the Great Old the best well, the three points address on your own Team, it also seems to be this season, no easy feat. Okay, last week was the Club that on the floor came, but two weeks earlier was the KV Kortrijk, which has not been exhausted. So this had to be different, and the Club had to pay for it.

Coach Laszlo Bölöni, who last weekend as a little creativity would have seen if we, brought up Rodrigues again on the kick-off. Omar Govea was again, days, and that would immediately and with flair. For a quarter of an hour anyway, because the Mexican would already after a quarter of an hour allowed to take a shower. Borges and Yatabaré were injured, which is a line through the Antwerp account. Van Damme was so central in the back. Or that would be sufficient to dwingeland to play and so the game for their own people, would still need to prove.

Red for Govea

Antwerp proved to be already eagerly, with a shot from Owusu. But Nardi was focused. A moment later, popped the same Owusu quite a bit harder, this time not within the posts. But the Club was already twice shaken up. And the people of Bruges remained better be awake, because the Great Old crafts what you want to have something in each other. But on the quarter hour if Bölöni his plans all change when Govea too daring with the both feet at the tackle. Dom of the Mexican, that will Bölöni, however, have repeated during the coffee.

However, it seemed the sky quickly returned on to get to Antwerp, that the ball on the dot saw the end up. Slight error of Omolo on Juklerod – if it was an error – but Hairemans blasted his team credentials and stay up straight, squarely on the right foot of Nardi. Road 1-0, though it was Van Damme there soon close. The siege did not stop, because Antwerp was also that male less is the better team. Nardi – again he was in love again Hairemans of the lead. On the other side put Bruno Bolat for the first time to the work. Did the attacker ten minutes later. But furthermore, Neither is particularly ill for the day. Though should also Taravel just laying for the 0-1.

Blunder makes for any goal

Also after the rest went to Antwerp immediately to the order of the day: scoring against Cercle, that a hand helped a lot geblunder in the back. Owusu was the opportunist of service and touched the leather yet high beyond this time offer Nardi. The signal for Cercle-coach Laurent Guyot to make a double switch. A lot of helped that, because Antwerp and the hometown audience remained a fury. Cercle could there be very few compared to, not even with that man more.

Fortunately for the West-Flemish was Nard faster on the ball than Owusu, or the knock-out was all a fact. The club, however, continued to the hole search, but with all the wants of the world could not. A plume for Antwerp, with good block remained and in the back, almost nothing gave me away. With eleven to fifteen to Anderlecht this coming weekend, there was, perhaps, almost nobody dare to dream.

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