Venice film festival puts journalists embargoes on

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The film Festival of Venice journalists during the upcoming edition of stringent embargo’s imposition. Only after the official premieres of the movies have been, should critics have their opinion about the film to make it known in reviews and on social media.

Venice with the film festivals in Berlin and Cannes, where journalists are also a lot of ties were laid in their work, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In Cannes were even the persviewings moved to after the official premieres, so journalists don’t in advance about the quality of movies could write.

Cannes had received complaints from producers and artists such as Sean Penn, who is not about to speak was that his last movie “The Last Face” with the ground was made, even before he took the red carpet had to enter. Venice wants to be with the new policy, “the hospitality of the festival guarantee”.

The 75th edition of the world’s oldest film festival officially begins on Wednesday, August 29, and goes until 8 september at the Lido in Venice.

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