Trump wants to Pompeo have not been to North Korea send

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The American president Donald Trump has his minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo asked for next week scheduled visit to North Korea to cancel. There is still insufficient progress to Pompeo to negotiate, what it sounds like.

Thursday have announced Pompeo that he is with the new special envoy for North Korea, Stephen Biegun, to North Korea would travel, and there conversations would be. But Trump pulled Friday with a few two-a spanner in that plan. “I have a feeling that we are insufficient to make progress around the denuclearisering of the Korean peninsula,’ says Trump Friday on twitter.

As one of the causes for the slow progress quotes the US president as taken help from China. As a result of the trade war with the United States would be the willingness of Beijing to exert pressure on Pyongyang are shrunk.

Pompeo looks already to in the near future’ again, to North Korea to travel. He visited the country three times already, including once after the meeting between Trump and Kim at the beginning of this summer in Singapore. When that fourth visit, continue is not yet clear. “Probably when the trade relations with China have been restored,” president Trump.

Trump made his warmest greetings to the North Korean leader, and looks to Kim soon to meet.

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