Tourist tap 30 now Sambuca is a 1-minute sit

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Zante – Sambuca, a well-known drink among people that the city was unsafe. A British tourist has been declared a true ’legend’ after he was in a bar in the Greek city of Zante, is thirty now of the anijslikeurtje within one minute behind about knew how to tap. On a video is to see that the 20-year-old Chris McAdam the now one-for-one drink and after 59 seconds, his last shotglas in a bucket throw.

Chris let The Sun know that he is challenged by the bar staff. “If I meet the challenge would go, I did the account not to pay.”

During his ’minute of fame’ seems to be Chris’s equally difficult to have the taste of the now, but repacked and drink his last shot just in time. “I had that night a few times to surrender, but at home I drink often Sambuca, so I knew that I could,” said Chris.

The video which Chris the now drink thousands of times viewed.

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